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The Pensacola Teen Challenge Women’s Program is designed to assist adult women age 18 and above with life-controlling issues. The residential faith-based program is 12 months in length (minimum), and provides pastoral counseling, Christian education classes, sound structure and discipline, and opportunities to gain work-related skills. 

The women who commit to making a definite life-change will benefit greatly from the program. the Women’s Center staff is committed to doing everything possible to help each student make the necessary changes to move on in life, and to help restore not only the student, but also the families of each student.

Our goal is to help each student regain a better quality of life through prayer, counseling, spiritual foundation and accountability, and biblical guidance in the choices that will be made concerning their future.

Transform--(verb) 1. To change markedly in appearance or form. 2. To change in nature or condition. Change is difficult, and for those who are trapped in life-controlling situations, change requires effort and discipline, and surrender to God. Teen Challenge provides a faith-based, safe haven for students while the transformation process is accomplished. 

In every case, a student must be willing to change in order for change to occur. The Teen Challenge adult women's program is designed to be a minimum of one year in length, but in many situations, students stay longer than the required year. The longer a student remains in the program, the greater the potential for long-term recovery becomes. 

Our hopes for every student that comes to Teen Challenge is that each student adopt a willingness to do whatever it takes to change. Our desire is to see every student become productive in everyday life, return home to be better fathers, husbands and sons, and remain free from the bondage that addictions bring. And above all, the staff of Pensacola Teen Challenge desires to see each student and their families secure in the salvation and experience of God's grace, for it is by God's grace that true change will remain.